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LaFerrari, Pack 4

Mark A

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BIG results from a small package!

This pack goes fast, and as I say above, yields big results, namely the engine block, and transmission.

In stage 25, we start by adding the rear window into the cockpit, this simply snaps into place. The limited edition plaque is also placed. (Mine went on walkabout….)


Stage 26 , steps 1 and 2 add the Alternator to the engine block. This is held in place with 1 Type B screw. Take care to drive the screw in perpendicularly, or the alternator will sit crooked. Once secured with the screw, the face of the alternator simply snaps into place. Step 3 is the drivers seat being screwed to the cockpit floor with a type B screw.


Stage 27 is the sump, to which the recovery pump and starter motor are added. Both these parts are press-fit, with the starter motor taking a bit of effort to get seated fully in Its recess. Stage 27 wraps up with the top of the oil filter being placed into its place.


Stage 28 is the right cylinder bank, and 2 potentiometers. You’ll also need 2 type B screws. Step one screws the sump to the block with the 2 type B screws. Step two places the two potentiometers onto the cylinder bank. The stage wraps up with the temporary assembly of the two cylinder heads onto the intake manifold.


(I ran into a bit of a problem with the potentiometers and the holes that secure them to the cylinder bank. The holes are undersized and will need a bit of judicious enlarging. I also used a bit of CA glue on the pins to ensure that the potentiometers stayed put. It’s fairly soft plastic, and it’s easy to enlarge the holes too much.)

Stage 29

In step one,  the left cylinder bank is placed onto the assembly from stage 28. This assembly is then placed on the lower engine block, and permanently secured with 4 type B screws.  (It’s starting to look like a motor!)  Steps 2 and 3 are the placement of the two belt pulleys.


Stage 30

Stage 30 is super quick. It consists of two housings for the clutch and the gearbox. Each is held in place with two screws. The first part to be placed is the clutch, which is secured with two type G  screws, followed by the gearbox housing which is held in place with two type I screws.


Stage 31

Stage 31 is rather more involved, and the stage consists of the engine mounts, a shield, and a few other bits to be used later. Step one is the placement of the left engine mount. It is the proverbial square peg into a square hole, so there isn’t any guesswork involved in selecting the right part. Step two is the placement of the right mount, as well as the shield. Place the shield first and be aware that it is a bit of a snap fit, so take care not to break the pins off when snapping it into place. Next, the right mount goes on, a round pin in a round hole. Lastly, in step 3, the timing cover is pressed into place.


Stage 32

Stage 32 covers the transmission housings, and the differential cover. The two transmission housings are screwed into place type I screws. Lastly, the differential cover is snapped into place. This complete  stage 32 and pack 4!




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