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Pack 5, assembling the Right hand and forearm

Mark A

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Start by clipping the parts you’ll need, TR-5-20, nos 1.2,3 and part 6 from sprue TR-5-21. You’ll also need the sheet of rubber washers, and 2x of the PB2x5mm screws. (These are the shorter ones) Take care of the sheet of rubber washers, as there is an exact count on the sheet.



Once the parts have been clipped, assemble them as shown, with a rubber washer on each side of the part. 

Next, snip part 4 from sprue TR-5-21. This part forms the base thumb joint. Place the 3 TR-5-47 rubber parts onto the thumb base, then insert this assembly into part TR-5-15. (Assembly A) Now, snap part 5 into the assembly, then screw the thumb to part 5, using 2 more of the PB2x5mm screws,


Locate sprue TR-5-17 and BREAK the parts off the sprue. This goes against decades of modeling experience, but it really does look cleaner than snipping them off. Using CA glue, apply it to the areas indicated and then place the finger covers into position. Let the glue dry before manipulating the thumb.



Assembling the fingers

Steps 1-7

Assembling the fingers is virtually the same process as building the thumb, but with an added “joint.” As before, snip the parts from the sprues and assemble using the rubber washers and 3x PB2x5mm screws.  Snap the covers off and secure with CA glue, as indicated.



Assembling the right hand

Step 1

Locate TR-5-13 and TR-5-05. Using 2x PB2x5 screws, attach T-5-05 to the palm. Then, in step 2, attach the fingers. As the directions indicate, it is much easier to attach the fingers by twos. Otherwise, it’s like trying to get snakes into a basket. Screw the thumb to the palm with 2x PB2.6x6 screws, then add TR-5-16 to the palm as well, using another PB2.3x6 screw. (Step 3) In step 4, the wrist joint is made. The metal part, TR-5-51 will only go in one way, and it does take a bit of persuasion. For step 5, locate the two wrist brackets, TR-5-06 and TR-5-07. Screw these together, with the part from step 4 sandwiched between them to the inside of the left hand. For step 6, locate the back of the hand (TR-5-14) and apply CA glue as indicated. This is a good tight fit, but a bit of glue will not be amiss, given that the hand will be manipulated while posing the model on completion.


Steps 7 and 8 are concerned with the wrist joint. Again, the metal part TR-5-51 will need a bit of persuasion to be  seated fully into place in TR-5-44. Next, locate parts TR-5-41,42, and 43. Assemble as shown, using 4 PB2.3x6 screws.












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Assembling the lower left arm


Start by locating TR-5-39 and TR-5-40, as well as 2x PB2.3x6mm screws. This creates the “right wrist.’ Screw the two halves together, and then slip TR-5-46 over the assembly.


Next, find TR-5-35 and screw the previous assembly onto the plate using 4x PB2.3x6 screws. (steps 2-3)


For step 5, you’ll need the upper arm assembly from pack 2. Locate parts TR-5-32 and TR-5-33, plus TR-5-38 and use 2x PB2.3x6 screws to secure the halves onto the elbow joint, sandwiching part TR-5-38 between the two.


 Next, for step 6 locate, parts TR-3-09 and TR-3-12, along with 2 more PB2.3-6mm screws. Attach these two parts as described. In step 6, you also  attach 1 small part to the elbow. (TR-5-31 and 34)


Step 7 adds TR-5-37 to the elbow, finishing it off.


Steps 8 and 9 create the “forearm” and requires TR-5-03 and TR-5-04, as well as 3x M3x12 bolts, lock washers, and nuts, as well as the assembly from step 2. Screw the parts together as depicted, taking care that part TR-5-46 is positioned correctly.


Step10 adds a “cuff” TR-5-02, to the lower forearm, with 4x  PWM2x5.5mm screws.

Step 11 will require a bit of CA glue to secure part TR-5-36 to the “sleeve” TR-5-01. Apply in the 4 areas indicated by the drawing in step 11A. Step 12 is an immediate follow on where the assembly from step 11  is screwed to the lower forearm, with PWM2x5.5mm screws.  



Steps 13-15 covers more parts that comprise the outer covering pieces (TR-5-29 and TR-5-30) that are  screwed to the forearm


Lastly, in steps 16-17, the final two parts are added to the forearm with these being pressfit. (I used some dabs of CA on the pins anyway)


In step 18, the hand is press fit into the wrist socket, resulting in a complete left arm and shoulder!


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