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Pack 4, Assembling the Right Shoulder and Arm

Mark A

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Steps 1-17


This is the mirror image of Pack 3, so there were no surprises. We start with the exhaust stack. Join the 2 halves together with two PB2X4 screws.


Next, slide the endcap over the SHORT end of the exhaust stack, after applying glue as indicated.


Step 3 locates the heat shield around the exhaust stack. Take care to properly align the slots! Step 4 adds a bracket, and you’ll find out here if you got the slots orientated correctly.



Step 5 consists of a body panel, and a bit of trim. The trim slots into the body panel, and is a press fit.


Step 6 attaches the exhaust stack to the body panel, using one PB2.3X6 screw.


Steps 7-8 create the shoulder joint. Hopefully you still have the hex key from the previous stages, as you’ll need it for the PM3X8 bolts. Using part TR4-16, thread the polished rods onto the PM bolts, taking care to add the lock washer, as well as the plain flat washer. Tighten the bolts onto the rods, taking care to make sure they are threaded on tightly. Step 8 finishes the shoulder. The hardware used is the same, PM bolt, lock washer, and a flat washer. These act as stops on the joint, so a tight assembly is a must.



Steps 9-12 add the shoulder pivot plates. Start with the assembly from steps 7-8 and taking care to orientate the flats on the bolt head correctly, attach part # TR-4-45 to the assembly, using 4 PM3-6 bolts as well as 4 lock washers.


For step 10, you’ll need part TR-4-17, as well as 4 PM3x6 bolts and lock washers. As the build guide indicates, there is no particular part orientation here, so no worries!


Step 11 brings it all together, adding part TR-4-43 using 4x PM3-14 bolts.


Step 12 adds a plate to the previous assembly. Take note of the position of the flats on the bolt as you’ll run into problems later if this is not orientated correctly. Step 12 mates the shoulder with the start of the elbow joint.

Steps 13-17 finish out the shoulder, by adding the body panel and exhaust stack to the joint assembly. Steps 13-14 attach the shoulder joint to the body panel using more PM3x8 bolts.



Step 15 adds covers to the joint.


 Steps 16 and 17 add body under panels to the shoulder. (These act as mounts for the outer panels, which are added in steps 33-39)






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Steps 18-29

Step 18 creates part of the elbow. You’ll need the two steel pivots, parts TR-4-46, TR-4-11, tr-4-26, and TR-4-14, as well as two 2.3x6mm PB screws. The two steel parts are a hard press fit, so that small hammer might come in handy.


Assemble as shown, then for step 19, use the other half of the “elbow” 3 screws, and the 3 rubber plugs TR-4-42.


This results in what the instructions call “assembly A.”


Step 20 adds more of the joint,with step 21 adding the rubber ring to the elbow joint.


Step 22 finishes up the elbow.


Step 23 adds the mounting plate to the the elbow joint.  This piece needs to be inserted into the shoulder on a bit of a diagonal, so as to avoid the two protrusions from getting hung up on the shoulder.  (See pics) NOTE; The nuts for the bolts are a bit fiddly to place. I ended up using one of my magnetized screwdrivers to hold them in place while I started the threads on the bolts.


 (Steps 24-26) steps 27-29 adds a metal panel to the shoulder.





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Step 29 adds a set of louvers to a detail panel, which is then secured to the top of the arm assembly. The detail part, TR-4-30, is unidirectional, but the louvers are not. They need to slope in such a way that the lowest edge is facing you as you view the assembly.


Steps 30, and 31 assemble the previous assembly together with a body panel, which is then secured to the top of the shoulder assembly with 4 PB2.3x6 screws.

Steps 32-34 detail the assembly of another body panel which is then placed onto the rear face of the shoulder assembly. There is a central securing screw that is covered with TR-4-37, a trim piece.


Steps 35-36 are another louver assembly that is placed onto the shoulder and over the previous assembly. You’ll need your CA glue to secure the latest assembly to the shoulder.


Step 37-39 consists of the last large panel for the shoulder. There are 2 “clips” that are screwed onto the panel and these slide onto the shoulder assembly, and are again secured with a central screw which is covered with another trim piece.


Steps- 40-41 are the final steps. The top of the elbow joint is covered by 3 pieces of trim that are assembled clamshell style with 3 screws, which are then covered with a panel that is a pressfit.



Pack 4 is complete!



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