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TV Classics Bucket list!


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Hi all. New member here. Just ordered a complete Super Snake kit and the Limited Edition Cobra. Looking forward to building both very soon!

However, the reason for my post is to grovel at the feet of the Agora 'powers that be' to see if we can't have at least one TV classic car as has already happened elsewhere with the Ecto-1.

I am a huge 1966 Batmobile fanatic and would give my right arm for a 1:8 scale build of, arguably, the most iconic vehicle ever to grace the small screen!!!

Aside from that there is the Munster Koach, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or General Lee.

I understand there are licensing issues etc but I believe there is enough worldwide interest to make any one of these a successful project.

Failing that I'd like a classic 50's 60's Hot Rod.

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