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Super Snake Pack 11 - Stage 87

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Stage 87, hood pins and LEDs:



Firstly, I screw the two horns on to the front of the car, then the centre light bracket goes on (even though the Super Snake has no lights here) and I also use pliers to push the two hood pins in place:



Next, I push the LEDs into the headlamps, then use a bracket to secure the loose wire:



I now push the other two loose LEDs into the lights, then drop in the fog light lenses and gently bend the wire flat so that the lights don't get pushed out when the front facia is joined with the car:



Next, I join the front facia to the car. Before it goes on, i thread the wires through these holes, and then secure it with the screws:



I take the side wire clips, and use them to hold the wires down along the side of the car's interior. Then I put the hood pin plates on to the hood, and place lanyards with lynch pins on the front, and using pliers to make a hook so they don't fall out:



Stage complete


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