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Custom Perspex Case for Your Bus


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I thought i would share this with everyone ive been looking at ways of creating a custom case for my bus out of perspex as some ready made are very expensive and are either 5 pieces you fit together of blow molded in one piece even more expensive (£300 plus) anyhow i did some searching and i found a guy on ebay who will custom cut clear 5mm perspex sheets and his price is very good i measured up my bus and came up with my dimensions of

L 73cm x W 38cm x D 24cm that's so it will fit my particular spot that i have my bus you might want yours a tad bigger but that's the beauty this guy will cut to your dimensions the price for mine is :
Costs as follows in display quality 5mm clear acrylic

73cm x 38cm x 2 @ £22.50 each

73cm x 24cm x 1 @£14.50 each

38cm x 24cm x 2 @ £7.50 each

Delivery @ £5.49 to Uk mainland

total £79.99

which i think is very good here's a link to his ebay page:




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