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Free Leopard Upgrade Pack


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Now that we have finished Pack 12, the Leopard electronics are in place and many of us are ready to enjoy operating the remote control functions. We have put our first completed production model through its paces here at HQ and we feel there is room for improvement of some of the electronic features. We will therefore be issuing a complimentary extra Upgrade Pack to all customers to ensure optimum performance. This pack will include:

1.     New PCB unit with revised idle sound and tank recoil movement. Replaces Pack 11 part 91-1

2.     Harder spring for barrel up/down movement. Replaces Pack 2, Stage 10, part 10-2 

3.     Softer spring for barrel recoil. Replaces Pack 2, Stage 10, spring attached to part 10-1 

4.     New PCB from Pack 9, stage 75, part 75-1

5.     New red/black cable from Pack 10, stage 82, part 82-1

6.     Wheel suspension springs from Pack 6 (Stages 43–49); Pack 7 (Stages 52–58). These springs are the same as those also supplied in Pack 12. 

The new springs, currently also provided in Pack 12, give improved suspension over rough terrain. If you do not intend to operate your Leopard Tank, the original springs will not need replacing.

For any new subscribers to the Leopard, this Upgrade Pack will be issued along with Pack 1 so that all the improved parts can be included over the course of the build.

You will receive an email as soon as the upgrade Pack is ready to send to you.

We hope you enjoy building and operating your Leopard Tank 

From the team at Agora Models

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