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Troubleshooting suggestions


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The Leopard is now complete and every bit the perfect replica of this outstanding Battle Tank. Some of you have reported a few issues with the electronics which our manufacturing team are currently working on. Meanwhile, there are a few easy fixes which we hope will help to resolve some of those problems while we await the results of our official enquiry. 

  1. Ensure you have replaced the green circuit board (PCB) with the blue board supplied in pack 11. 
  2. If the turret does not turn left and right smoothly, try loosening the screws shown in pack 12, page 41.
  3. The main gun may catch if there is some flash left on the turret front plate. Try filing away any excess as shown in pack 12, page 41.
  4. Don’t overfill the smoke chamber. Just a drop of 1–2 mls is enough
  5. The smoke takes about 30 seconds to heat up.
  6. If the remote control gives you an error message, check you have pressed the small pairing button on the top right corner of the control unit.

See the final pages of Pack 12 build instructions for further details.

For any other problems, please raise a ticket with our customer services team who will respond to each query on an individual basis. This will ensure you receive the correct parts if replacements are required, and the correct advice from our enquiry.

Our team are working to resolve any problems as quickly as possible, and where replacement parts are necessary, we will send them as soon as they are available.



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