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Adding front Indicates using 0805 smds

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I thought I would share a modification I've made to the indicators on my bus I didn't dream this up myself I saw a YouTube video someone else made of the same modification I quite like the idea so this is my version firstly I ordered some orange 0805 smd leds from China got 10 for a couple of quid I extended the wires using some very fine wire long enough to go from both front corners of the bus to the rear panel where the pcb is then I spliced into the indicators leds in parallel and attached the smds however that didn't quite work as the extra resistance from smds severely dulled the 3mm leds for indicators so this is where my version comes in there are 4 cables from the JST plug coming from the pcb board 2 red and 2 black going to 3mm leds 8 joined the 2 red and connected that to the middle pole of a mini on/off/on toggle switch the 2 outer poles I connected to the red cables of each leds the function of the toggle switch means I can now have either left front and rear indicators flashing or the right side instead of just the 2 rear indicators flashing together it wasn't a difficult job and it works great I've attached my hand drawn schematic and a picture of where the front offside smd comes to which I've just held temp with electrical tape the front nearside is similar anyhoo hope that all makes sense




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On 7/26/2022 at 12:16 PM, Triplevalve said:

An excellent share Giddykippa.

You are further along than I am. Just need to get an appropriate switch and connect it all up.


cheers i must admit im kinda stumped as to why the model doesn't include front indicators as it wouldn't be that difficult to do ... im actually also making an external control box so i can operate all the lights and sounds etc without trying to get my stubby fingers inside the cab to press tiny awkwardly placed buttons

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