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Routemaster pack 7 stage 62 , fitting the body to the subframe

JDave Say

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In this stage 62 once again this fabulous model takes on a big change in its size and weight after this stage you’ll find that we have a the models full length ( 27.5 )inches long , be sure to follow the instructions to the letter as this stage is one that has a lot going on at the same time , my recommendation is to study both the pictures on the net and against the model , and my build tip is to take the back wall off the one at entrance door with the bell switches , by taking this back off it makes things easy it’s only held on by 4 screws so it’s easy to move out of the way until your ready to put it back on again, the red pipe under the bonnet is quite tricky and so is the screws to line up at the back of the kick raiser plate onto the chassis underneath, 










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I had a lot of trouble getting the lower deck floor in place, mostly as the 2 connectors in the headlamp  wiring does not fit very well in the subframe groves. Take care getting them out of the way. 

Also the tip on removing the rear wheels when fixing the bodywork in the wheel wells is a big help. 

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