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Have completed 133 packs from the the hachette build the bismarck,and have noticed significant gaps between hull and deck,also around open turbine area of ship.

World of waynes video for bismarck build pack 138 (agora build) shows hull bracing being appied to fix these problems...problem solved!!!.Unfortuanately Hachette do

not include these braces in there build...called them to discuss ,they were clueless to this problem and said it was the first time that they had heard about it.The fact that

Agora has taken steps to remedy this makes me doubt this.My Question is in which agora build the bismarck pack to these braces arrive?.In hindsight i would have chosen

the agora build instead of the hachette brand.Any feedback would be appreciated.

Kindest regards Cale Guilfoyle.

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