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Pack 1 - Stage 5. Continuing the gearbox.

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Stage 5 gives us the bottom and rear gearbox housings and the starter motor.


Firstly, add the stabilising rod and bracket to the gearbox support lever. These just push in.


Fit the support rod to the gearbox housing assembled in stage 4.


Then add the internal support bracket.  This is secured with 3 screws.


Take the starter coil and solenoid (I think this is the starter motor, but not completely sure) and push them onto the starter housing.  Note that the bolt heads should all be in line.


Screw this to the gearbox bottom.


Screw the gearbox bottom to the internal support with another 3 screws.


The assembly looks like this from the bottom.


Finally, add the gearbox rear pump and rear crankcase cover to the Gearbox rear housing.  Again, these are a push fit.


This completes with stage and this pack.


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On 12/10/2022 at 7:45 AM, Richard Csabianszki said:

I have a little technical question at this point. I find more photos of the starter motor of the original car, which is identical in form to the elements of the model, but the color is silver. Was this part in a housing in the car or is the color not correct? Thanks for the reply.

Hi Richard,

This is a contentious subject.  I don't think the starter motor would have been in a housing.  It's possible that the starter motor was silver, but it's also possible that the starter motor was changed during the life of the car and has been both white and silver at different times.  It's always difficult trying to get a model accurate as cars do change during their life.  Maintenance, modifications, etc.  I hope that helps.

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