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Pack 2 - stage 6. Continuing with the engine and starting the starboard side of the bow.

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Stage 6 gives us some more parts for the engine and starboard bow (without the Klingons!  You have to be a certain age to get the reference!)


Add the two link sections to the connecting rods.


Then add the two valve rods as before.


Clip the free ends of the valve rods to the engine crank shaft.


Here's a close up of the assembly.


Now fold the connecting shaft up and insert the its pins into the holes in the main engine columns.


Here's a view of the underside showing the pins fully inserted.


You may want to test the engine to be sure it rotates freely. 

Only turn it anti-clockwise.  You may find that the linkages jam the first couple of revolutions.  If it sticks, turn it back the other way a little to free it, or see which valve rod or link section has moved out of position and push it back into position.  

Screw the two section of hull together with DM screws.  A little lubrication helps the screws go in easily.


That completes this stage.

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