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So i thought i would just share a couple of tips re fitting the hinge stays on bonnet as they're extremely fiddly my top tip dab the end of the EM screws in some light machine oil (as they're screwing into metal aids the cut) in my parts the screw holes were filled with paint so i first screwed screw just into 61G parts to break paint and cut the thread so much easier than trying to screw all 3 parts together without cutting through paint first as they're so small its really hard to hold them together and get screw lined up and screwed in see 1st pic

and secondly when fitting the bonnet to the cab panel trying to screw the screw in front the cab side your screwdriver is blocked with that brown coloured box fitted to cab wall again the screw is tiny and i had same problem as above with paint in screw hole ran screw through 1st with dab of oil then when actually screwing screw in i used a 1/4" screwdriver bit with just my fingers and was able to get screw in straight hope that helps peeps



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