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Stage 5 Upper Mast Deck Totally Confused


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I just noticed something on my build, and maybe others are wondering the same thing. As I was assembling the superstructure, I notice there are pegs for screws to be installed on the upper mast deck, However, that being said, I cannot install the upper mast deck and bridge because there is no way to reach the screws for the upper mast deck to screw it in. Is anyone else just as confused?? Here are the pictures as I see it.

Superstructure So Far.jpg

Upper Mast Deck.jpg

Foretop Gallery & Bridge.jpg

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I believe I found a solution, but I need Agora to send me one or two PWB 2.3 by 5 mm screws. Folks: I believe there is an error in the instructions as far as putting on the Admirals bridge. The superstructure is already assembled when it is time to install the admirals bridge and the main mast deck. The admirals bridge has two pegs as shown here for 2.3 by 5mm PWB screws and it needs to be attached BEFORE assembling the superstructure.  If anyone else sees this as a problem, and runs into it, here is the solution. Hope this helps!! Agora send me a couple PWB 2.3 by 5 mm screws. Thanks

superstruct disassembled.jpg

Admirals Bridge.jpg

PWB 2.3 by 5 MM.jpg

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