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  1. I'll answer my own question ;-). Received pack 1 of Routemaster today Nov 29th in Melbourne, it was posted in the UK on the 5th of Nov, so around 24 days to get here. Australia post updated their tracking to they had received it yesterday and it was in transit to the hub my parcels usually come from and the TWO boxes were delivered today surprisingly for them. The two boxes were secured together with three packing straps but they were so loose the had all nearly come off the boxes. Only one box had any address details on it so if they had become separated I imagine only one box would have arr
  2. I'm doing it at present, up to issue 112 here in Oz. It will test your eyes and shaky hands out if you are getting on in years like me 😉 .
  3. With the Hachette Bismarck that Wayne is building at present you get the Magazine with every issue. I believe the Agora models do not come with magazines. Building instructions are online on their website. (https://www.agoramodels.com/au/download-centre-au/#four). Hope this helps.
  4. Sam, one more question if I may. Does the Routemaster Pack one come in one box or two? I have read or seen both can be correct. Just want to know what I should look out for when my Pack one finally arrives. Thanks.
  5. Yes, thanks Sam. Well, apart from trying to work out Royal Mail speak ;-). Much obliged.
  6. Sam, I just received an email from Sophie in Agoras customer relations department where she seemed to say the whole monthly sets of packs would be sent from the UK and at the moment we here in Australia are looking at up to 4 weeks shipping time let alone how long it will take Auspost to deliver locally! Royal Mail tracking seems to stop at "Your item is now leaving the UK. More information will be available when it arrives in the destination country." and nothing further. Any comments?
  7. Hope you are right Sam, it definitely looks Red though. I noticed Wayne Green of the Youtube channel World of Wayne is doing the build and his parts were the Tan colour. Hopefully I shall find out soon 🙂
  8. Hi, reading the Facebook 'Build The Routemaster model' page a member there has just put together the first pack. There have been several comments re the colour of the stair treads and the mat area in the entryway which are Red. On The Hachette build these parts were a Cork brown colour and in the Agora build guide they are shown a as a brown shade. Have the colours of the Agora model been changed or is this a mistake by the people manufacturing the parts for Agora.
  9. Anyone in Oz received their first pack yet?
  10. Hmmm. Going by the Agora website it seems to lead you to believe that the packs will come from here (Australia) for those who live here. That's the main reason I signed up, certainly wouldn't have If the packs are posted from England. Although I expect a bulk shipment would come from there anyway, but hopefully quicker than normal snail mail.
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