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Pack 4 - Stage 26. The pedals.

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Stage 26 givers us the pedals. (Excuse the screws still in bags, but I didn't want to get them mixed up!)


Let's start with the clutch pedal.  Take the pedal, bracket and pushrod and the KP screw.


Screw them together making sure that the pushrod is still free to rotate.


The throttle pedal just needs a pushrod fitting.



Take the pedal bracket, put the throttle pedal in place and push the rod through to hold it.  


Fit the brake pedal and push the rod a little further.


Finally add the clutch pedal and push the rod home.


Add the brake light microswitch to the bottom of the pedal bracket.  It is a loose fit, but will be held in place once the bracket is fitted to the chassis.  You'll need to straighten out the wires to get it to fit properly.


Screw the pedal box to the chassis with 2 screws.  Check that you get a definite click of the switch when you push the brake pedal.


The microswitch wires should come out the front like this.  Note that they are bent to the left.


Feed the two pushrods into the master cylinders and then screw this to the chassis.


Take the black plastic tube that forms the clutch cable and fit it to the pin on the pedal bracket.


Locate the footrest on the chassis.  It pushes down over 3 pins.  The clutch cable comes out the slot in the back of the footrest.


Put the V frame over the pedals and connect the two pipes to the master cylinders.


Now screw the V frame in place.  A touch of lubrication helps the screws go in.


That completes the stage.



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