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Pack 4 - Stage 22. Distributor cap and plug leads.

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Stage 22 gives us the first distributor cap and plug leads.


Assemble the distributor cap to its base with a screw.


Cut the plug lead connectors from the sprue with sprue cutters the push the thicker end into the distributor caps.  Mine were all quite tight so I didn't need any glue.


Push the distributor cap assembly onto the distributor, paying attention to get it aligned correctly as per the photo in the instructions.


Cut the plug leads to length.  I found that some of the lengths were a bit twisted.  There is an easy fix.  Just drop them in a glass of very hot water for a few seconds.  Then blow the water out the tube.





Fit the first lead to the distributor cap.  I suggest gluing them with superglue as they aren't a very tight fit and it will be a right pain trying to refit them if they fall off after the engine is fitted to the chassis.


Now fit the other end to the correct plug.  Again, I suggest gluing this.


Continue with the second lead.


The engine should look like this after the first 6 leads are fitted.


Finally, this is the distributor cap with all 12 leads fitted.


The engine looks like this, which completes the stage.


Now a quick tip if you want more control over the route the plug leads take.  You can take some 1mm aluminium wire (Available from Amazon amongst other places) and cut a piece a little shorter than the plug lead.  Feed this inside the the plug lead.  You can now bend the lead and it will stay in position.


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