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Pack 4 - Stage 21. Exhaust pipes.

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Stage 21 gives us the exhaust pipes.  


First fit the lower half off the exhaust to the manifold.


Screw this to the manifold.  The bracket on the end of the manifold is quite delicate and easy to break.  Don't worry if you did break it, it's actually not that important in the grand scheme of things.  Just tack the pipe to the manifold with a spot of superglue.  Once the upper half is screwed in place and the rear bracket is fitted, it will be firmly held on the spigot on the manifold.


Now fit the top half of the exhaust pipe and secure with the screw close to the manifold.


Push the outlet bracket onto the exhaust pipe, and screw it to the exhaust pipe bracket supplied it stage 5.


Repeat for the other side.


This completes the stage.


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