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Star Wars C-3PO


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With the availability of R2-D2, it would make sense to have a 1/2 scale C-3PO. The golden droid would stand about 88 cm (or 34 inches tall) of course be poseable (or some limited autonomous movement), eyes would light, capable of speaking famous 3PO phrases, possibly interact with an R2-D2 replica. I would certainly send my money for a C-3PO model.

1065f750-814e-4335-812a-4d1439f5557d-2060x1236 (1).jpeg

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3 minutes ago, Christopher Christou said:

Agreed,c3po would be awesome.im currently halfway through r2d2 so be nice to have a c3po next to him

Optimus is next though😀

I've considered the T-800 as R2's companion. But now Optimus Prime is being released...
I agree! Optimus would make a good stand in for C-3PO.

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