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  1. Diceman

    Pack 6?

    Good attempt Tom but no. The road wheel has 1 inner section and 1 outer section to make 1 complete wheel. Stage 49 I was issued had 2 inner sections 😢 The pack 6 build instruction will show you clearer. I hope no one else has the same issue, there’s lots of wheels to do.
  2. Diceman

    Pack 6?

    Received my pack 6 today hooray 😁 but whoever is packing the items should really concentrate on picking the correct parts 🤯 Who can spot the mistake? Another email to Sophie
  3. I just used Tiger Tail Beading Wire Jewellery Craft 0.38mm from eBay - £1.69
  4. Diceman

    Missing parts

    Yes! Missing hinges in pack 4. Contacted customer service on many occasions but still no joy 🥲
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