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  1. Just asked that question to Agora, Sam said pack 4 and 5 would be sent out this month, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. I just received pack 3 last week.
  2. Joep

    Pack 3

    Received pack 3 today and finished the chassis, looks real good.
  3. Pack 4 instructions are on line. Check it out.
  4. Joep

    Pack 3

    Finally received my tracking number for pack 3.
  5. Joep

    Pack 3

    I have received 1 pack at a time, which I am still waiting for pack 3. You may receive the first three packs all at one time. By the way the model so far is awesome.
  6. Joep

    Pack 3

    Sorry forgot to say you don’t pay for shipping until pack 6.
  7. Joep

    Pack 3

    Hi and welcome. You pay for 6-12. So you will receive pack 1-5 with the initial payment. Happy New Year!!
  8. Joep

    Pack 3

    So have you received pack 3, because I haven’t. this is the email I received: Merry Christmas to you. It will now ship this week and then Pack 4 in middle of January, both from Florida. Thanks a lot, Sam
  9. Joep

    Pack 3

    Well it’s Thursday still no tracking number. I guess we won’t see pack 3 in December. The packs are coming from Florida, maybe they will double up 3 and 4. Only time will tell.
  10. Joep

    Pack 3

    I emailed Agora and Sam told me pack 3 will be mailed this week and pack 4 mid January
  11. Joep

    Pack 3

    I did ask about the next payment which is due at the end of January and they were very vague on that question, but did say pack 4 and 5 will be caught up by January (I don’t think so). Just received an email stating about al the delays.
  12. Joep

    Pack 3

    I haven’t. The last time I emailed them they did say they were going to be sent out a week ago. Have you contacted Agora?
  13. Thank you for enlightening me on the other company’s out there. I do believe Covid has a lot to do with these delays. I did contact Agora a little over a week ago and Sam told me that pack 3 would be sent out last week. I am not sure if the packs ever made it to Florida warehouse. Don’t get me wrong I believe Agora is putting out some outstanding models (cobra), but I am not sure if anyone in the US have received pack 3. I will be checking out the MFH models.
  14. Joep

    Pack 3

    Nope nothing yet.`
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