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  1. Joep

    Cannon Barrel

    Hi, I am building the cobra and still waiting for pack 11., but question is on the tank, I see you are presently building it, how was the delivery to the US, I live in MA and so far the delivery on cobra has not been very good. Also I see you are having a few quality issues, after you get these issues sorted do you think this a good quality model. Thanks in advance for help you can give me
  2. Joep

    pack 9

    Here is another picture, but It maybe a replica
  3. Joep

    pack 9

    I did come across this picture of a 65 cobra, it does show the seat harness attached to the roll bar
  4. Joep

    Pack 8

    Received pack 8 last Saturday
  5. Joep

    Pack 6

    Hi Sam, I just received an email for tracking on pack 6, lets hope pack 7 will follow.
  6. Joep

    Pack 6

    Ok it is the end of the week still no tracking number!!!!
  7. Joep

    Pack 6

    It’s March 29th still no tracking number. What is going on??????
  8. Joep

    Pack 6

    No tracking yet in US!!!!
  9. Did you over tighten the screws? If you did add a touch of glue to the screw hole and install the screws , it should hold.
  10. Joep

    Pack 6

    Just a note, pack 6 is now online, maybe the this is a sign that the pack may start being mailed out.
  11. Joep

    Pack 6

    Hi all. Any word on pack 6? I haven’t seen any teasers yet.
  12. Joep

    Pack five

    I left the wheels off until the front suspension issue gets resolved. It is a lot easer to install the front suspension with wheels off.
  13. Joep

    Pack five

    Received pack 5 yesterday 😀
  14. Sorry how you took that I mean the LE paid up front that’s all, not how much you pay.
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