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  1. Why don't you just email everyone their tracking number? Instead, you force people to email support. Is this because you are a drop-shipping company?
  2. I got an email from you this morning with the tracking information. The link was broken. Is it working now?
  3. Good for you. When I buy something for $1,500 dollars, I expect a certain level of communication from the company I'm paying. Call me old fashioned, but when I subscribe to a service, I expect for the service/goods to be delivered to me on time (or roughly on time). And if something comes up like a delay, I expect an email from the company explaining what's up. It's not a big deal, just send me an email. Tell me what's up. If something were to happen to your Amazon package, you'd expect to get an email from Amazon right? I expect the same level of service from Agora.
  4. I feel bad for Sam and Customer Support. If Agora was a halfway decent company, they would send out an email to all of us. They don't send us emails though, because they are LIARS and COWARDS. Because they don't, they force customers to figure it out on their own - and that's why we're always posting, asking for updates on the forum with Sam. Sorry Sam, the company you work for sucks and they are throwing you into the firing line because they can't/won't send out emails to their paying customers.
  5. Anyone get a Pack 12 tracking number or any kind of email update from Support about Pack 12? I haven't gotten anything.
  6. blue loctite https://www.amazon.com/Loctite-Heavy-Duty-Threadlocker-Single/dp/B000I1RSNS
  7. I'm still waiting on pack 9 so...
  8. Is it me, or has their shipping gotten worse recently? The last couple months have all come really late.
  9. Yup. They sent me another packet that included a vertebrae piece that was the right size. The replacement packet took forever to ship -probably took ~3-4 weeks to get to my door in the US- so I'd pressure them to send you the replacement ASAP, otherwise you won't be able to proceed with the build.
  10. Anyone get an email yet? I haven't....
  11. Thanks @tinkertoo for sending the measurement! I just remeasured my spinal cord and it is 4 3/8 inches long. It's a quarter of an inch longer. Looks like I need another cord sent to me.
  12. I'm pretty sure my spinal cord is too long. Does anyone want to measure their's and let me know how long their's is? My cord measures a touch over 4.25 inches long (I measured from one thread to the other). I also was bored this morning and did some rough comparisons of my spinal cord in comparison to World of Wayne's spinal cord (from his Agora Build #5 video) and found that mine is longer than his as well. Here's what I found if anyone is interested. I've submitted it to Agora support to get their input. https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1A4Wn4QkaN7kG7CFJWqj_saWd1xYxRgTNjTgl1SuCuT
  13. Hey @Beamerboy - thanks for commenting. The picture I uploaded is what it looks like after the bottom plate is attached and the nut fully tightened (sorry, bad pic). I'm also pretty sure I have the spinal chord oriented correctly because only one side will screw into the top piece that is supposed to rotate and the other side is the only side that will fit the nut. What bothers me is that it sags so much that the top vertebrae isn't fitting into the top of the spinal chord like it should which makes the whole thing not turn correctly. A couple people reported the same problem I'
  14. I just finished pack number 5 and have identified a problem with the fit of the vertebrae. In the documentation, the vertebrae are tightly packed and fit flush with the top of the spinal cord. In my build, my vertebrae do not fit flush against the top of the spinal cord even after I've attached the bottom plate and screwed on the nut as tight as it will go. Instead, they sag down and don't fit flush with the top of the cord and can actually turn independently from the cord now because the top one sags so low down. Anyone else have this problem? Should I contact support? Here's a
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