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ROUTEMASTER pack 10 stages 93 and 94

JDave Say

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Build the Routemaster pack 10 stages 93 and 94 I built together as 93 is the cab door and 94 is the off side front frame nearest the drivers cab , stage 93 the cab door is in fact quite a major step in your build as we finally bring together the upper and lower decks and start screwing them together in this stage and in 94 making your model super strong and sturdy , as you may have seen either on here in my photos or on the Facebook group or on my YouTube video I use a board to stand my bus on whilst working on it and also a lazy Susan to turn it around it’s very handy so long as you chock it with something to stop it turning when your working on it , stage 93 the cab door has two groves to slot into top and bottom it’s worth thinking about a tiny amount of lubricant on the sliders if it’s stiff , also whilst putting this stage together we sort a few wires out namely the destination lights at the rear please be very very careful with these as they are very delicate to handle , we also place the front destination cover over the front destination you don’t have to fit all the screws in the cover as this will be coming off at a later stage when we start to fit the front panels and then it will be refitted back on , stage 94 is the drivers side front frame and again it’s worth looking at the next frame next to it just to make sure it fits ok and there’s no paint block or anything to make sure they fit well at a later stage when we tidy the wires up , 








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