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Pack 2 - Stage 13. Plug leads.

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Stage 13 gives us the plug leads.  Excuse me for not taking the leads out of the bags, but I didn't want to get ether mixed up!!


Take the left cylinder head from stage 10 and fit the distributor cap.  Note the direction of the pins.


Take lead A and fit it the the far plug.


Lead B goes to the next plug.  Incidentally, I'd recommend fixing these with superglue.  They may fall off quite easily, and they will be a right pain to refit once the engine is completed.


Continue with leads C & D.


Push the distributor cap attachment in place.    Noe the direction off the pins.


Fit lead E.


Finally fit lead F.


Repeat for the right cylinder head, and the two heads should link like this.


This completes the stage.




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