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Wheely silly question


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I'm up to pack five of this - really enjoying it so far. The detail is amazing!

But... I have a question with assembling the right front wheel (stages 38-40).

When I put the wheel centre into the jig, the outer of the wheel centre is rotatable. Is this correct? I'm sure the outer of the wheel centre on the first wheel I built was fixed and didn't rotate. It's going to be nigh on impossible to get all the spokes to sit in the teeth of the wheel rim if the centre is moving every time I thread a spoke through.

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Hi,  It looks like you have a faulty part as the outer part of the wheel hub should be fixed.  However, I had the same problem on one of my wheels and it actually assembled just fine.  Might be worth giving it a go, unless it's really loose!  Contact Agora customer services and they'll sort out a replacement part for you.

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