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  1. Wonderful with tons of features, now I need to build this!!!
  2. Thank you, I am waiting for my first pack for Bismarck and was wondering too about duty fees. Happy to know there is none 🙂
  3. Hi! Not meaning to sound rude or anything, but I think the hatches on this are upside down 🙂 Btw thanks for the pictures and this diary, I will be following as I do this awesome build!
  4. What is the mysterious book mentioned on the bismarck page in the Agora Advantage section? Anybody got it? Will I see it in my first shipment? EXCLUSIVE BOOK A beautifully illustrated hardback book about the real Bismarck
  5. Totally agree! I am starting Agora's Bismarck and would totally love a ww2 tank as next project. Sure the Leopard will be tempting too but is not ww2 😞
  6. Any plans on making available the spitfire hachette currently has in some aeras? I guess not since it is very similar to the new zero fighter? I might consider doing the zero but I'd rather wait for the spitfire instead.
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