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  1. Hello Mark and Cobra, Many thanks for sharing your amazing MFH motorcycle build. The rendering is spectacular, I love it. I am ok with you on several points. The model is smaller but there are a lot of details. This is what I'm looking for above all. So I would rather have a smaller model with good detail than a large one with less detail. It may take 10 times more time to assemble it than the agora model. No matter the weather, this is my dream car and I don't expect to have 100 models in my house. I still have exoto to check, I'll buy a used one to see the level of detail I think. It is true that a 1/8 Vs 1/12 model would be great but the whole is really not given. And Cobra's comment on the Mustang doesn't reassure me. @Cobra: On the Mustang is the suspension system correctly represented or is it just the damping function present? Thanks to you guys and looking forward to reading you. Schuss
  2. @ Johnnyrotten13, I can’t wait more for choice to buy or not the kit. i would Like see all details parts now before to buy it. schuss !!
  3. Hello Kitman, Thank you for these details on your ECTO 1. But here you are selling me the dream but I believe that the cobra will be made of plastic. But now that you say it, I'm going to buy the ECTO1 to put its engine in the cobra ..mdr Hope to see you, schuss !!
  4. Hello General Lou, Thank you for this addition, especially for the frame which you specify is made of steel. If I am not mistaken the motor will be plastic? Just like the exhausts which I think are chrome plastic. I can't wait to see the rest of the photos of the bowels of the beast. Suspension triangle, brake, shock absorber, body support etc ... Could you specify the material used on the designation of the photos as you could do on the chassis please? This will prevent us all from asking the question. Obviously we all want the most accomplished model in steel or aluminum, avoiding shoddy plastic; Not to say that you have a real mini Ac Cobra 427, but be thanked for all the work you do to offer us this model behind our somewhat critical comments Thank you again and look forward to reading you and seeing the rest of this project. cordially In addition to this, you need to know more about it.
  5. Hello Collector_Felix, I fully agree with you that many parts should be metal or aluminum at this price point. Not to say all. But we are starting with a plastic motor as far as I can understand. Although the frame is made of steel. I will wait for other information and / or photos before deciding on my choice of Agora 1/8 or FMH 1/12. Being Agora Pro, what do you think of the previous models in terms of quality and detail ?. Thanks for your feedback
  6. Hello Johnnyrotten13, Of course, it doesn't make you forget the UK V8s. Without Ac Ace there certainly wouldn't have been these cobras. A thought for the British! πŸ˜‰ Long live the US and UK V8s βœŒοΈπŸ˜‡
  7. Hello Mr. General Lou, As you have seen, many people are waiting for details on the parts of this model to take a position on their purchase. Which is normal given the investment that this represents. This is why I suggest to the community that you use this topic to share with us the different pieces of this project. Just as you could have done in another Topic with the presentation of the steering wheel, or yours with the engine or even Mr World of Wayne with the presentation of the composition of the seats in flexible and non-rigid plastic. I hope not to be too directive and that this will satisfy the community but also you. By thanking you in advance. Regards, A little Frenchman passionate about this American model but also the story of Mr Shelby. Schuss friends and long live the US V8 βœŒοΈπŸ˜‰
  8. Thank you General Lou for these clarifications on the details. You are seriously starting to tie knots in my brain. Great detail and quality looking at the photos. You are seriously starting to doubt me ... I will wait for other details before positioning myself on the final manufacturer that I will choose Thanks again, Schuss πŸ˜‰
  9. Thanks Mr More Draka, i think all the parts are plastic except the body. Which makes a very expensive car for plastic. I think I will go to Model Factory Hiro where the models are smaller but in Aluminum and very well detailed. Thank you again for this sharing. cordially
  10. Hello PeteJcouper and General Lou. Thank you for your answers. I would really like to know if the chassi will be present or only a plate below the car. Will there be the suspension system as originally or simply a shock absorber on a straight axis to simulate the damping .. this kind of detail, which for this price seems to me to be a minimum. But I'm waiting to see the photos of the prototype to make my choice. Thanks to both of you anyway. See you soon.
  11. hello, I am passionate about this model but I do not know your brand of modelism. I would have liked to know how far you have been at the level of details? Could you share photos of the chassi, the suspension system, shock absorber etc ... For such an investment on our part, I do not expect to exaggerate by this request. Unless all the details offered are visible in the photos made available. Pending your response to make my purchase. cordially
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