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  1. I was contacted the next day by customer service. I have not received anything in the mail yet but I am in no hurry. I have built other company kits and I have to say Agora customer service is the best of all companies. There is not even a comparison.
  2. I have a few small scratches on the blue stripes. Does anyone know what color it is and who may have that paint color so I can fix my scratches? It was a tough day! Kyle PS Now on to start my Cobra and Bismarck!
  3. Do to my careless in putting the car down my left rear hub snapped right at the tire attachment to the rear axle. I am trying to see if super glue will work My left hood pin is also smashed do to my struggling with putting on the body. Is there any way to buy replacement parts for the hood pins? The super glue may work on the axle so I'm running with that repair for now. Kyle
  4. My driver side door fits fine when the body is off. Once I put the body on the door will not complete shut as if something is hitting it. I cannot see what the interference may be has any had this problem and fixed it? The door is on tight. Kyle
  5. I just ordered the Northstar sets. I think the lowest number in stock was 12 but I can remember which set it was for.
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