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Just wondering who has signed up. I for one have just done. Just a 12mth sub. Can't afford Gold or Silver subs, too many builds on the go. 🙂

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I purchased the 12 month regular subscription; the extras in the gold and silver editions did not interest me.   I wonder why these editions do not offer color choices; such as a Limited Edition  100 issues only in Opalescent Silver Blue 

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BigDee, Eagle36 and others interested, go to World of Wayne's YouTube channel -link below- for a peek at an upcoming vid he's doing concerning this model. Looks interesting. Skip forward to 8:36 minutes and then stay tuned until next week for the full vid. 

I won't be doing this build as I'm waiting for the Routemaster Bus.

BigDee, your build list is most impressive. Looks like you'll need a separate room to display them all.



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