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Bojazz1 Modified Alien Build - Pack 12

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Pack 12 Stages 85-92

This is going to be an easy one and I have great news...........

1) We finally finish the saga of the TAIL

2) No more Stormset Glue for the skin parts.

Here we go....................

Packs 85-88 are straight builds there is nothing special here.

Pack 89 will be the magnet installation. It is important to keep all the magnets polarized the same. The best way to do this is...... Add Super Glue, CA Glue in the magnet hole and wait for it to bond. Then put a magnet on top to that, put glue in the nest hole and slide the magnet over to that hole. It is a simples process and it works great.

After that glue the dorsal growth sections to the base. The great part about that is they only go in one way. So that makes the process easy.

Then packs 90-92 are simples and easy.

See you on Pack 13. That will be a bit of a bear, but it will be worth it.


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