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Initialises but won't fly.

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At first, the lifters initialised and the functions in the base worked apart from the bank functions being wrong-handed and I had to shim one set of limit switches, the sound card also worked.  When the model was attached it was dead although the base functions still worked, apart from the sound card.
When tested the motor worked fine through the test circuit so I asked for a new circuit board for the model. I also asked for a new pair of limit switches.
When they arrived I fitted them and the limit switches worked fine without the shimming. The new circuit board was fitted but again nothing. 
Assuming that it is very unlikely that I have 2 duff circuit boards I did a thorough check of the wires that connect the base to the model through the rear lift tube and all seems fine. I swapped the lead positions over of the 2 front lifters to cure the wrong-handedness of the banking function but now the left-hand one doesn't stop! I can sort that. Oddly, with the model fitted and the "T" plug of the connection wires removed (I think that's what it is but the smaller one) the sound card does work!

So what is causing this lack of communication between the base and the model? Do I ask for a new set of connection wires?

Hand on heart I was very diligent when assembling the model and I have checked all connections.


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I reckoned that there must be a miscommunication between the base and the model. So I took apart the rear lift tube and checked all the connections again and all seemed good. I looked at the connections that are hidden in the tube and there is no designation on them, so I swapped them over and put everything back together. Straight away when turning it on there was a difference, the lights were on. They had never worked before. I ran the initialisation and the undercarriage lowered. Then I tried the engine and it now works with the prop spinning. the model banks but the wrong way so the rudder and ailerons are opposite to the way they should be, an easy fix I would guess. the tail wheel and the flaps are not working. When taking off the wheels retract and on landing they lower.

A massive change just swapping those plugs over, but still more to figure out!


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