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Blade Runner Spinner 1:8


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Talking of model ideas and the idea of iconic film/movie cars - the original spinner from Blade Runner would be my dream kit - obviously it would need to be built from a combination of the both the shell/models used in the Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049 and some CG parts but still - a 1:8 spinner would be a no brainier on my account.

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I'd love a mad max police interceptor, red dwarfs star bug would be pretty damn cool too or even red dwarf its self! 


A NASA space shuttle would be pretty cool too. A detailed crew quarters and cockpit with ligting, and removable panels so you can look inside. Cargo bay doors that open, with a fully moveable canada arm, maybe a mini model of Hubble telescope or sections of the ISS to fit inside. Retractable landing gear, removable fuel tank and rocket boosters so you can choose how you want to display it - ready for take off, in space deploying Hubble etc or coming in to land. Could make an interesting build.



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