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Bismarck Pack 1 – Stage 1

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So, let’s get started with stage 1.

I like to start building each Pack by laying out the parts in the same configuration as given in the build instructions. This way, I know asap whether I’ve left any tiny bits in the packaging or fired any pieces across the room as I’ve prised the packaging apart. 


I started by assembling the warping winch and the capstan head.


Then I prepared all the parts for fixing to the deck by cutting them off the sprues. A note of caution: I found when I cut the sprues, the pieces easily flew off into oblivion. So now, after moving various parts of furniture to retrieve lost parts, I position my knife, then put a finger over the part to keep it place before exerting enough pressure to make the cut. This way I can keep them under control. If you prefer to use pliers, you can keep hold of the parts as you cut.


I then test-fit the parts and clean off any excess flash from the sprues to check the fit.



Before gluing in the rear group


And then the forward group


Finished. Now I have a good feel for how this build is going to go!


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