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Super snake stage 3 step2


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Just starting to build the Super Snake and encountered a little problem on stage 3 step 2 .

I placed the hinge in the correct position as per the instructions then placed the plastic hinge bracket over it and screw it over the hinge. The instructions says the hinge should move freely but I find it doesn't . Something seems to be obstructing the movement. 

Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Yeah that looks correct. It could just be the paint thickness making it a tight fit in the corners where it hinges as its quite thick You could also try scraping some of the paint away from the bar of the bracket and the groove and add a little bit of grease in there to help too.

Dont clamp the crew too tightly, but it should be OK once you attach the door to the body later down the line as you will essentially have a big lever. One of my door hinges is a bit tighter than the other but I'm not too worried about it. Will see how things are when pack 12 arrives soon and I can attach the doors properly

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