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Super Snake Pack 1 - Stage 4

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Stage 4 is the inside detail to the left door.



I put the first piece of silver colored trim on to the lower part of the door and screwed it n place on the other side with two MP01  screws:



 The door handle rests in the handle bracket. Carefully manoeuvre the door handle through the left hole on the door. The handle may fall off so take your time.



Then I secured the door hinge bracket before the door handle to hold everything in place with two MP02 screwsIMG_8147.JPG.b9e4f75162d91c226ec570e1fd93b2a6.JPG


And then I screwedin the door handle with a MP03 screw tightly so the handle doesn’t flop aroundIMG_8149.JPG.685a368d7966cf7ce97a2cdb19ed73e3.JPG


 Turning the door over the window crank fitted easily into the hole. This also needs to be screwed in tightly to stop it rattling around with an MP02 screw



Placing the inside detail onto the outside door frame from the previous stage, I wiggled it around to make sure it is sitting on the screws holes.



Use two MD06 screw to hold the two pieces of door together.



 The upper piece of silver-trim goes under the door handle. The handle is flexible enough to be bent slightly. Take care not to break it though. I pressed the trim panel in firmly with my thumbs to clip it in place. No screws for this piece.



Stage 4 complete!



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