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Gibson Chollector's Choice Partwork idea...FOR GENERAL LOU!

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Hi General Lou again! Again, I am very grateful! For your work, for your patience and kindness! If you really manage to start this series it would be infinitely cool !! I'm very excited! Thanks for the answer! And if I have to I will try to help! You know, I'm a manic collector of these Les Paul guitars. True, there isn't as much as Joe Bonmassa, but my collection is growing! If that series came true, it would give people the opportunity to own the special Les Paul guitars from the Chollector's Choice series. On the Gibson site I found all the models that were released here. You can also read information about each guitar on this page. Everything is written down. Exactly which serial replica guitar ... Who used it ... what makes it famous. An interesting thing that really surprised me. The Gibson custom shop copied these guitars in such great detail that the "Gruhn Burst" in the CC series, item 35, One of the pickups was damaged and this was copied too! All CC models are on the page and you can read their story as well.😁http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Search.aspx?ProductGroup=Collector's_Choice™&ModelYear=

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