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LaFerrari, Pack 2

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La Ferrari Pack 2

Stage 9 Right Hand Head Cover

In this step, we add the spark plug caps to the second head cover, as well as adding the chrome “bolt heads” to the head cover.

Start by snipping off 4 of the plug caps and place them as in the previous step. They will only fit one way, so this is an easy step.

Next, we start adding tiny, slippery bolts to the periphery of the head cover. There are several different types of bolts used, so pay attention to both the type, and the placement of each. I found that using tweezers was adequate without the need for anything more aggressive. (IE Needle nose pliers) This is a time consuming step, so take your time, and don’t launch any of the bolts!1a.jpg.9378b9bfcbe447cecad7291aadb16b9d.jpg2a.jpg.7531861b62abb670d18c6e71fcd028c4.jpg3a.jpg.2b74f40ba7a101f182364655b58e89d8.jpg4a.jpg.e04b71e249a3d79bda7882315d7a05d9.jpg5a.jpg.6d5be0f0717599db9742ff01d577a058.jpg6a.jpg.f2397cee8acea1684921d81954862a32.jpg7a.jpg.fbf506f4df35a04a5986b71452592cfc.jpg8a.jpg.35808fe006bed2d06592eb7b041964cf.jpg9a.jpg.4c0a2beeeb07aab2acd31cb328ce946b.jpg1.jpg.50ade14c5626a3e8b435f3edf72b8de0.jpg

Stage 10, Front Air Intakes

This step closes off the front nose section and is yet another example of how well this kit goes together. I was apprehensive that the mesh would be difficult to align and hold in place, but my fears proved to be unfounded.

Start with the large section of mesh, and a single A type screw. (The side intakes secure the two sides) Once the frame and mesh have been secured, get the left intake frame, and the small piece of mesh. The mesh will fit only 1 way, and it is a bit fiddly to secure in place until the frame is screwed down. Repeat with the right side.2.jpg.65762dba608eb217f5fee58f9dada4e0.jpg3.jpg.316954f7bccba5e582c7d964b38d51fd.jpg4.jpg.83c23e732bcd68c96be236e71c7a68c0.jpg

 This wraps up stage 10.

Stage 11

This is a super simple step, simply adding the hydraulic bonnet strut to the bonnet. I taped the two segments together for the time being. Also included in this step is a front rim, which will be used in step 12.5.jpg.1f2e27bddf0a1f020c625648f1bb798b.jpg

Stage 12, Front left tire

I have found that hot water is completely unnecessary with the tires so far. The tire is a good, snug fit to the rim, yet is malleable enough that extra persuasion is not needed. Make sure that the bead on the tire is seated fully in the corresponding area on the rim, with no gaps.

Stage 13, The Passenger Seat

This goes together just like the previous seat, and is a quick bit of work. I again used a bit of CA glue to secure the head rest to the seat back, as I felt the parts hold was a bit loose. 6.jpg.df1e1c48727d7d58a430da9db876b0c5.jpg8.jpg.177f4bcbc122f24c634473e2db32b95d.jpg

Stage 14, The Dashboard

FUN STUFF! The dash is a work of art, It consists of 5 parts, which are stacked on top of each other. Start by assembling parts A and B, secured with 2 B type screws. Next, the bar with the AC vents is added to the control panel. Lastly, the lower portion of the dash is added, to the previous assembly, resulting in a dash!9.jpg.1eb06f0e4487bd85252d74c52568eb58.jpg10.jpg.cb0bd65590b2dcf298941b228dac162f.jpg

Stage 15, The Sports Controls

I only screwed the dash panel and instrument panel together for this stage. Mounting the steering wheel at this stage seemed to invite breakage, so I skipped over the rest of this stage, save mounting the steering column. The instrument panel required a bit of persuasion to seat in the correct position, but it was minimal effort. 12.jpg.8a23facc0233d021f55bc6adac171d35.jpg

Stage 16 Internal structures

The Internal structures depicted here are parts of the cockpit tub. Start by screwing the central “bridge” to the frame, then screw the frame to the actual cockpit floor. Then screw the front bulkhead into place. 13.jpg.036ff07315b5e0c1538776776005393b.jpg14.jpg.4f63763119028d9d906dd93a165db044.jpg15.jpg.dee443ca69155f190b3002268de04363.jpg17.jpg.3584024761e26ea8c3682df14501fd77.jpg

TaDaaa! Pack 2 is done!




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Does the black version have the correct red brake callipers, or black ones? I notice that those on the marketing images have been poorly airbrushed from red to black. 

Screenshot 2023-10-24 at 20.09.51.png

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