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T-800 Terminator Pack 6 - Stage 60

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Stage 60, right leg muscles:



I glue another black ring on to another leg joint, the same as stage 59:



Just like the previous stage, I assemble another tendon:



When I put the nut into the tendon, I place it on my screwdriver to help guide it in:



This is the muscle from stage 54. I attach it to the back of the leg. Be aware that there is a right and wrong direction on the muscle. This image shows it in the correct way:



The two tendons now go inside of the two muscles which I have connected:



I connect the two tendons to the bottom of the leg and thread a screw through like so:



After this a part fell off of the front of the pelvis, so I glue it on instead of resting it:



Pack complete


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