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Pack 12 - Stage 92. The left door frame trim.

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Stage 92 gives us the left door trim, and we also attache the front sub-frame and dash.


Fitting the trim and door is a repeat of stage 91, and the door looks like this when fitted.  I suggest using masking tape to hold both doors shut.


Turn the model upside down (Make sure you protect your work surface to save damaging the paintwork on the model.) and offer up the front sub-frame assembly.

Remember, never press down hard on the model when it's upside down.  You are likely to damage either the windscreen or the luggage rack.  Support the model when you're screwing in the screws.


Make sure that you get all the screw holes aligned.  I also suggest inserting all the screws loosely first, then tightening them.

There are two brackets, one each side. Only one side is shown below.


There are 4 screws along the top of the subframe.  Two are shown below.


Now we finish fixing the windscreen frame.  This is a fiddly job, but tweezers can help.  Put the plastic bushes on the screws, then hold them in position with tweezers and screw them in place.  


The front sub-frame should look like this when it's fitted.  Make sure it fits the bodywork neatly with no gaps.


Fitting the dashboard is next, and this is a bit of an awkward job!

Firstly, Take the dashboard and tape the wire in position so it doesn't get trapped.  


Offer the dashboard up to the inside of the bodywork.  You will need the doors open for this.  Try to get the steering column to engage with the steering shaft.  Note the wire sticking out on the left of the photo.


Make sure the steering column engages properly with the shaft.  It's a D shaped pin into a D shaped hole, so you'll need to twist the steering column into the right position.  This alignment is easier if you have the steering wheel fitted as you'll just need to put the front wheel hubs straight, and the steering wheel straight.  If, like me, you've left the steering wheel off, put it in place temporarily to align the column.


Now push the dash forward until it moves into place.  The front screw holes should lie up with the screw holes in the firewall, and there are two screws which go into the bottom of the dash.

These are the screws into the firewall.


These are the screws into the bottom of the dash.



The fitted dash should look like this.  Make sure it fits neatly with no gaps.


This completes the stage.


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