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Pack 11 - Stage 86. Hub caps and body mountings.

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Stage 86 gives us the 3 remaining hub caps and the body mountings.


I'm leaving all the wheels until the rest of the model is completed as I find that they get in the way and need removing anyway!  Therefore the hub caps will also be left until the end of the build.

However, notice that the left and right hub caps are different.  On the real car one side would have a left hand thread and the other had a right hand thread.  This is so that the torque would tighten the hub caps, not loosen them.  I suggest leaving them in the packaging until the end.  They are likely to fall off while handling the model in the later stages of construction, so leaving them until the end will save you crawling round the carpet looking for them!!


Fit the left body mounting plate to the from subframe.


Repeat with the right mounting plate.


Fit the two brackets to the front to the main body.  Note that the longer bracket goes to the left and the shorter to the right.  The instructions suggest leaving the right bracket off for now as it gets in the way of fitting the radio antenna.  However, I chose to fit it loosely to save losing it and the screw!


This completes the stage.

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