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T-800 Terminator Pack 6 - Stage 55

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Stage 55, the right thigh:



I get parts 53-1 and 54-1 and put them together. Simply pushing them together is enough for them to join:



Then I put some small dabs of glue into the 4 nut holes on the thigh. Then I drop in each nut:



Sometimes the nuts will not go in for me. I find that putting the nuts on a screw driver helps guide it in straight:



Now I rest the 53-1/54-1 assembly over the thigh, making sure it is aligned with the nuts:



Stage complete


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I also found the M2 nuts would not go in. What I tried was carefully use a pointy mini file to "scrape" the inside walls of the hexagon recesses, just enough to remove the chrome paint. I used your tip of pushing the nuts in with a screwdriver, and it worked great.

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I had alot of struggle getting my M2 nuts in. Ended up filing down each nut on every side as well as taking a model knife to the inside of the hole to remove paint as others mentioned. In pack 6 there is another hex nut that has a smooth sliding fit and I believe they attempted to get that same fit here but were a bit too tight.

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