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Pack 9 - Stage 71. Head lamps.

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Stage 71 gives us the head lamps.  Note that these parts are all marked L & R to make assembly easier.


Glue the lenses to the reflectors with a little PVA glue.  As you probably know, this will dry clear so won't be visible on the finished model.  Well, not unless you apply too much glue!  You only need a small smear.

There is a small tab and notch on the parts to ensure they are aligned properly.


Take the housing and push the headlight assembly into it from the front.  Again, there are notches to aid alignment.


It looks like this from the back.  The two alignment notches are obvious in the photo.


Add the headlight mount and secure with 2 screws.  The gap between the mount and the headlight housing is intentional, so don't over-tighten the screws.


Two finished headlight assemblies completes the stage.


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