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Hi General Lou! I am writing to you about guitars now! I wrote what guitars I think would be good in a build series. But now I have a concrete idea! Gibson previously released a series called Colletor's Choice. In this series, some famous pieces of rock history have been made (some are replying to a Les Paul guitar) A total of 40 models have been released. A lot of Les Paul. I was wondering what if I could build these guitars in my guitar idea? Or just a few of these models? I think if you really think this is a good idea, I got the idea that you could contact Gibson and definitely help you. ”(This is just an idea) I will show you all of the Les Paul guitars in the Collector's Choice series. What do you think?http://www.guitarscollector.com/gibson-collector-s-choice.html

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2 hours ago, Venyige Ádâm said:

Hi! Such a series exists! You can buy it if you want. Published by Salvat Publisher.images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTro8T1SxPzB82S0z-sNxN

Thank you. Can't seem to find the availability in Australia though????

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