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ROUTEMASTER Pack 12 stages 112 & 113 N/S lower panels

JDave Say

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Build the Routemaster pack 12 stage’s 112 and 113 the near side lower deck panels                 ( London Transport ) in these stage’s we have the two lower deck panels with the beautiful gold traditional London Transport transfers on and all the legal lettering, as with all the panels it’s worth taking your time and enjoying the build it certainly is screwmagedham with all the NM red screws that have to go in but that’s half the fun , I use a small magnetic mat to put the screws on before I attempt to put the on the bus I also use a Wera PH0 with a 40mm shaft to apply these screws to the bus but realistically it’s personal choice as to which screwdriver you prefer and are comfortable with . On the front panel you’ll find the step which has to be the correct way round to fit and is screwed in with different screws ( KM ) and you’ll also have the garage / route number plate holders for the D 13 , you’ll probably be used to finding the panel strips by now but just in case your not the panel strips are all numbered on the backs which of course are matched up with the numbers in the instructions , in the back panel the wheel arch is the first to be screwed in but I’d suggest you don’t tighten it fully until it’s all lined up with the other panels you’ll also have a gold screw to put in the letter T on the transfer, once this stage is finished you’ve got one complete side of the bus finally finished with only a few small details remaining and you can then move onto the off side or other side of the bus for more panel work , . 




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