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Pack 4 - Stage 15. Lifeboats and a third section of hull.

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Stage 15 gives us the third section hull and a couple of lifeboats.  There's also an Allen key and a right angled screwdriver which we will need to fix the hull sides.


Use a little superglue to glue the lifeboat in place.  I suggest using a cocktail stick to apply a smear to the support.  It doesn't need much.  Try to get the lifeboat central on the two supports.


Fit the second lifeboat in the same manner.


Take the bow section already assembled and the keel section supplied in stage 13.  Screw the keel section to the hull with two large headed screws.  Leave these loose for the moment as it will make fitting the side section easier.


Fit the port hull section in place.  It's a bit fiddly getting it properly located (at least mine was!) but leaving the keel screws loose helps.

Secure it with 4 IM screws.  A little lubrication on the threads will help.


Now screw the hull to the connecting panel using the Allen headed screws.  This is a bit fiddly but possible.  The holes in the hull are pre-threaded which makes it easier.


This completes the stage.



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