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ROUTEMASTER Pack 11 stage’s 103 & 104 rear roof and front corner panels

JDave Say

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Build the Routemaster pack 11 stages 103 and 104 are the rear domed roof panel and the front corner panels either side of the front destination, I’ve put these two stages together as it’s easier to explain and when done is very impressive care is needed with your screwdriver as the paintwork scratches very easily again slow and steady wins the race giving yourself plenty of time for all those NM screws and getting your panels lined up correctly , I pretty much did most of the near side of the bus panels prerecorded on YouTube as needed lots of concentration I also laid the bus on its side very carefully laid on the large build cushion from one of the partworks accessory company’s ,( just a warning at this stage and right through to the finish of your bus build its very heavy ) and needs handling with care , extras that I use for the build are a strong board a build cushion and a lazy Susan and a model building lamp , 








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