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ROUTEMASTER Pack 11 stage 102 ,wiring and rear framework.

JDave Say

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Build the Routemaster pack 11 stage 102 is arranging the wiring and fitting the rear framework of the bus and most of the parts that are supplied with this stage will be used in the next stage 103 ie the rear roof panel etc , this stage ( 102 ) is fitting the last of our framework to the rear of the bus , my advice is as always take your time on this stage it’s crucial to get it right because of the fit of the panels in the next stage and future ones as if the framework isn’t right the panels on your bus won’t line up properly and also it’s a good idea whilst putting the frame on the turn on your electronics and the lights just to check that nothing shorts out on your lighting circuit with all the lights that run through the metal framework etc also it’s a good time to check if you need the N cable extension that’s supplied for the upper deck lights before connecting the frames, I used some insulation tape on the green bar that hold the stop and tail lights but still managed to have a short on just one of the rear back light screws when I put the outer panel on so it’s quite sensitive to shorting out . 








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