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Porsche 917 Cockpit Accuracy


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This is a photo of the model cockpit detail.  One simple thing to do is paint the handle of the fire extinguisher release red.  It is understandable that the part had to be made with one color, but every 917 I've seen has the handle painted red.

The other glaring mistake is the gear shift knob.  Again, I'm sure it would have been impossible to replicate the "tiger stripped" wood grain of the actual knob.  But that knob has become part of the Porsche 917 legend.  For decades if was said that the knob was made of wood in an extreme attempt to save every ounce of weight.  In fact, that wasn't the reason.  The horsepower generated would create vibrations through the linkage.  It is not unusual during a 24 hour race for drivers to suffer blisters and fatigue in their right hand.  The thought was that wood could act as a shock absorber.  Simple birch plywood was used to fashion the gearshift knob. 


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Couple more items in here that are an EZ upgrade to more closely replicate an original.

The gauge faces would be rotated so the "correct" reading would be at the top of the dial. i.e. If nominal operating water temp was 110c then the 110 mark on the dial would be at the top etc. This allows the driver (who is busy driving 200mph in the dark sometimes) to be able to just glance down and see if any of the gauges are not indicating straight up. With the vibration and frenzy it is almost impossible to actually read the values from the instruments.

In addition to the red lever handle (required by the FIM) it would also have had the "E" label placed near it. This is a quick indicator to the marshals that it is the emergency cutoff switch. By pulling the handle straight back, it cuts all electrical power to the vehicle, if the handle is then rotated, it discharges the fire suppression.

31 CloseUp ePanel installed.jpg

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