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Pack 3 - Stage 22. Fiddly bits!

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Stage 22 gives us some of the ancillaries such as the starter motor, water pump, etc.


Push the water pump onto the front of the engine.


Push the oil filter onto the front of the engine.


Push the starter motor in place.


Add the engine support.  Note that it angles down.  Mine was a little loose, but I decided not to glue it in place just yet.  I may change my mind later in the build.


Add the oil pipe, scraping excess paint off the pins as necessary.


Press the dip stock in place.  The instructions suggest to fit it before the starter motor.  However, I found it easier to remove the sump, to fit it.  Just prise the sump cover off and remove the two screws.  The dipstick needed a firm push to get it into the hole.


Take the fuel line and push it onto an arm of the T connector.


Push the leg of the T onto the longer fuel line and the other arm of the T onto the shorter fuel line.  Don't superglue these in case you may want to adjust the length a little once the engine is fitted to the chassis.


This completes the stage.


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